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Our seasoned practitioners are certified in project management, agile, risk management, organizational change management, and business process automation. We bring domain expertise, feasible solutions, hands-on experience, and useful lessons learned to provide strategic, management, and technical support that generate tangible and measurable results to our customers across the federal government.

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Approaching every project as a partner, we provide solutions that empower our customers to achieve results that align with their mission and strategic vision. North Rock Consulting is committed to helping our customers develop and execute technology and business strategies to achieve measurable goals. We bring industry best practices and apply them as appropriate based on the customer’s organizational and operational needs.

why US

Customer Partnership

We strive to become a trusted partner by consistently delivering on our commitments and setting a new standard for responsiveness and reliability.


We believe it is paramount for all our delivery teams and practitioners to understand and internalize our customer’s strategic and tactical objectives and mission.

Soundness of Approach

We tailor our people-oriented, practical approach to our customer’s needs and environment. We apply frameworks, best practices, and lessons learned appropriately based on the project scope, size, and complexity.


We build trust and credibility by prioritizing our customer’s priorities and continuously inform, involve, and engage with our customers. We conduct regular check-ins to capture feedback and refine approach.

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